Saturday, December 13, 2014

My first painting from Daniel Edmondsons DVD Landscapes workshop. Not my favorite painting, very challenging, color pallete that I'm not used to use. Most t of the rockes were done with pallete knife.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Latest oil painting "Thai Chilies", on streched canvas. It was done 3 weeks ago. Below the pen and watercolor study and of course, the chilies...

Sunday, April 27, 2014


In these very last weeks of dental school, Im overcome in anxiety.  I have finished all my requirements but still dont know if Im graduating on time. 
      So I paint instead. This painting started with a drawing from a photo I took in Rome, years ago. Well, the inspiration wasn't there. I started painting the sky and it became full of big fluffy clouds, and as I painted it  down to the horizon, I ended up with a very expansive sky.
      I first thought to paint an ocean scene, then Thinking of a flat landscape  finally the canyon scene came to my mind. I search in the web to find images , and came up with this, "Grand Canyon " oil study 8x10. 
Probably and hopefully this is my last painting while in dental school.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

So here they are, some of my art making over the last 2 years. I continued skecthing, but not as much as before than school started. 
a new frwme for a  8x10 plein air old painting,

a pencil sketch 

found an unfinished pastel drawing, and,  finished it.

created little xmas gifts - winter scenes in acrylic paint,

Finished this painting... after many years...

Created this drawing out of a cardboard - pencil, colored pencil, watercolor and gouche...

Framed this one...

and this too!
From Fred Guess workshop "Color Your World" in New Orleans, lots of fun.

And this is the latest painting, 8x10 "Lemon Tea". For the art show at Howard University, I'm entering 22 paintings which 2 of them already have been sold to a friend...

  Its Easter 2014... two years since my last post. Im about to finish my program at Howard University College of Dentistry and can't wait to be back to L.A.
In the last 2 years much I have done in art, a few paintings and drawings. One workshop with Fred Guess in  New Orleans, which open my pallete to be more colorful.
 I finished my 10th still life from Dan Edmondson's workshop, which Im posting as well. The most exciting, besides finishing up with dental school, I'm participating on a group art show at the art gallery of Howard University Blackburn Center. Most of still life paintings which I completed during Dan's workshop and other originals of mine.