Thursday, May 12, 2011

I have started a large painting from photo I took in Firenze, but it just didn't get me into the groove... It had been sitting on my table easel for months, and every time I attempted to go back to it, just didn't work... I haven't been out in plein air either for the longest time, maybe last time was last june/ 2010 in New Orleans... Well one day when browsing my facebook, an add caught my eye. It was a beautiful still life painting - just the way I love, and always wanted to learn how to do it... Looking back in my older posts, you can see a couple happy attempts in my opinion, the lemon painting, the one with the books and the glasses, and the early ones, cherry and peaches and the Chardin one... That painting on FB is by Daniel Edmondson, and offering an online/ dvd still life workshop. It was just what I needed to find and it actually it found me. A few days later I got the DVDs and weekly emails by Dan full of incredible info. It really is taking my painting to a different level. I have added new colors to my pallete that just give a burst of life for the subjects I have painted. So here are the first 5 still lifes from this workshop, oil on board, canvas panel and gator board - the sizes so far vary from 8x10 , 9x 12 and 11 x 14.