Thursday, May 10, 2018

” Nuns in The Sun” 22x16
Oil painting, submitted for 2 juried art shows

Monday, September 4, 2017

Howard University Art Show April 2014

This post was meant to be published a few years ago... It was as a draft. This was an art show at Howard University in Washington DC., which I had 23 paintings - all are featured in my blog. It ran for about 2 months and took almost 2 years to have all my paintings returned. 

New paintings, summer 2017

New art work, created from from springtime 2017 thru now, early September 2017. Participated in 2 art shows. Got Third place at the Crescent City Brewery show , with the piece "Dogwoods".
I got accepted to the  Juried "River Road Art Show" in Baton Rouge - The painting accepted was 'French 75" previously posted in my blog.
I'm trying to create smaller pieces in preparation for the "Pirates Alley" Art Show next April.
"Summer" still life 14 x 18
"Dogwoods" 14 x 18

"Fried Egg" 5x7

'Cherry Tomatoes" 5X7 - after a picture sent by my dear friend Jill.

"Sun Flowers in Asian Vase" 5X7 - after a painting I found online

"Cosmos" 5X7

"Cherry Pie" 5X7

Sketch of "Joyce Stares at the Window"- pencil and watercolor, after a photo that Joyce, who is my dads 1st cousin, posted on Facebook

" Egg and Oranges" 11X14
"Peaches and Snail" 8X10

Thursday, July 14, 2016

After moving from LA to New Orleans took a while to get my creativity going again, just weired times... interesting how a move can be traumatic even being something you want for yourself... So several new projects are up, and these are some of the pieces I finished over the past year. The bartenders are the newest ones, Im trying to create a series of New Orleans bars and restaurants paintings. Also I have Dan Edmonson landscape and advanced still life workshop to do at home... Some friends are asking me some portraits comissions which are very challenging, because I havent had much experience doing those... More details on the paintings Im publishing today, soon.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My first painting from Daniel Edmondsons DVD Landscapes workshop. Not my favorite painting, very challenging, color pallete that I'm not used to use. Most t of the rockes were done with pallete knife.