Sunday, April 8, 2012

I have had this unusual frame for years and I also have another one similar as this one. Those are Italian window frames reproductions, which I found very cheap at Michael's on a clearance bin. I cut my canvas gator board to fit, and just couldn't decided how to make it work. Its very small about 7x5. So one day in january looking at this gourd I came up with the vision of just placing the gourd hanging over the edge to create the tromphe oilel (spell???) effect... I added more in the bacground to keep the eyes in the painting... I guess it worked.

Still life #8, from Dan Edmondson's workshop - asian vase with berries. Oil on masonite, 16 x 12. I love Dan's set ups and demos. Small details like the light on the branches were too white, my grapes a little distracting and also my vase designs captured the eye in the vase. Minor adjustments , dark glazing on the vase, and voila! This photo is before those adjustments.
At The Pasadena Art Expo I attended to a full day workshop " Sketching with watercolors and Keeping an artist's journal". Brenda Swenson was the instructor, and since then I've kept my journal almost on a daily basis - lot's of fun, non committed art - that's why is personal... This art expo is very dangerous - new brushes, watercolor palette, sketchbooks, canvases, pens...

Wow... It has been quite some time since my last blog update. So here we are , Easter Sunday 2012... and this post is about my artwork displayed at the juried show at "ArtExpo 2011 @ Pasadena Convention Center". Didn't win a thing but was just great to have all my submissions chosen to the expo. It's a fun event, lost of classes and reasonable sales on the expo floor. Probably I will not expose @ this year's because I got accepted for a 2 year long program in Advanced training in Genreal Dentistry @ Howard University in D.C., and we are on the process of moving to D.C.