Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I love art, and I love making it. It's my dream to go thru a full time art program in the future. I have been taking classes here and there and I feel very lucky to have access to classes with the best artists in this country... and they are so many... I've been learning figure drawing and I still struggle in teaching myself on painting it... I always have a project on my little home office/ studio ... I use photographs, I do still life set ups, and I'm usually my own model... I have been very busy at work (I'm a dentist) and I had to quit my part classes for a while... i'm looking forward in getting back to it. Luckly I joined Frank Serrano's saturday's plein air workshops and I was able to catch a couple sessions before this year ends. This painting is from a pic I took in Italy - Amalfi i the winter... It's an water based oil painting.

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